LAS WODA Park Rekreacyjno-Biznesowy

Attractions in the area

Hotel Las Woda **** is an excellent starting point for history lovers, families with children, as well as people, who appreciate active recreation.

A canoeing trip is always an adventure. Contact with nature, physical exertion, and unforeseen events are the inseparable elements of every rafting trip.

≈ 3 km

For fishing enthusiasts, a number of fisheries have been created, rich in various species of fish.

≈ 4 km

A pearl of wooden baroque architecture. Monument from the 17th century.

≈ 10 km

Commemorating the battle that ended with the defeat of the insurgents. The museum has a permanent exhibition devoted to lthe life of T. Kościuszko and the archaeological site.

≈ 23 km

We invite adults and children at various levels of advancement and those who just want to start their adventure with horses. Horse riding classes are held at the arena and in the field.

≈ 3 km

Family amusement park in the forest with attractions such as obstacle courses, optical illusions, magic shows, carousels, rope park, springboards.

≈ 33 km

Wild animals farm that can be seen closely, e.g. deer, roe deer and fallow deer. The animals are in a special pen built in the forest, and there is an educational clearing right next to it.

≈ 5 km

It is an over three-kilometer long walking route, running deep into a picturesque forest. There are boards and information points along the entire walking path with numerous interesting facts.

≈ 16 km

Playing on a full- field, only 14 km away from our hotel, is a pleasure for every player - experienced and beginner. It will be an experience full of exciting challenges, guaranteeing satisfaction.

≈ 16 km

One of the oldest castles in Mazovia. It was erected already in the 11th century on the site of a former Slavic settlement. It's a place where time has stood still and yet from spring to late autumn it comes alive thanks to knightly tournaments, reenactment performances and concerts.

≈ 32 km

The fate is presented as part of the museum exhibition and the activity of the Czartoryski family in the 18th and 19th centuries. The Czartoryski Palace is surrounded by a beautiful English-style park. While walking among this "almost" wild nature, every now and then you can come across an unusual, historic building, such as: The Water Tower, the Roman Gate, the Marynka Palace and the Gothic House. In addition, passing the bridge over Głęboka Street, you enter the Upper Garden, where the Greek House is located. There are also many sculptures in the park, which give this place a mystery. The most famous object in the park there is the Temple of Sibyl, which is a model of the Temple of Vesta in Tivoli near Rome.

≈ 72 km

The only museum of unusual bicycles in Europe is located on the private property of the founder - Józef Konstanty Majewski, in Gołąb on the Las Woda - Puławy route. Visitors can not only see, but also personally try out recumbent, circus and unusual bikes. Children and young people enjoy riding the most on galloping bikes. The owner is happy to tell stories about self-constructed bicycles and shares the history of the creation of the world's first two-wheeler. We're sure, that in a further conversation it will also encourage visits to the Museum of Drunkenness, the Loreto House and the church with a pulpit supported by two confessionals. And he will proudly add that the Gołąb was known already in the 12th century!

≈ 60 km

The most beautiful Renaissance church in Poland, is the sanctuary of Our Lady of Loreto - Patroness of people on the way, with the only 17th-century pulpit in the world, supported two confessionals.

≈ 60 km

One of the most beautiful and interesting replicas of Santa Casa Loreto, built in around 1640. the original walls of the house of the Blessed Virgin Mary were transferred from Nazareth to Loreto in Italy.

≈ 60 km

A refuge of wetland birds. Over 40 km of educational and ornithological paths are ideal conditions for walks, bicycle rides and observation of water birds. You can meet there, among others: bittern, white-tailed eagle, green forage, eagle owl, lesser spotted eagle, crane and white-winged tern. In addition, it is estimated that there is one of the largest domestic grebe populations there.

≈ 62 km

With historic airplanes in the capital of Polish wings in Dęblin. The exhibitions showcase aircrafts, air defense and air defense missile sets, radar equipment, security measures and flight insurance, flight trainers and simulators. The museum exhibits temporary exhibitions presenting the profiles of famous pilots and events from the rich history of the Polish Military Aviation.

≈ 52 km

The first family sensory theme garden in Poland, created on the basis of an original fairy tale story. The park is divided into lands, with many interesting attractions for children of all ages - from toddlers, through preschoolers to older children. The park is divided into sensory zones that activate all the senses and stimulate the curiosity and creativity of young guests

≈ 80 km

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