LAS WODA Park Rekreacyjno-Biznesowy

Wieczór panieński

In a luxury cabin in the woods with a private jacuzzi overlooking the heated outdoor pool! Below are some of our proposals that will surely interest or inspire the future bride and her friends. We will implement every idea! We guarantee that you will remember this evening for the rest of your life, and that you will remember it with great joy! It is possible to organize a hen party with or without an overnight stay.

The perfect idea for fun with class. We provide accommodation in the Dom Pod Papugami with a private jacuzzi, meals: dinner and breakfast, a fruit insert with a bottle of chilled Prosseco to welcome you.

Unlimited access to:

  • aqua zones (indoor and outdoor swimming pools - in the summer season, sauna, jacuzzi) 

  • sports zones (bike rental, gym, beach soccer field)

  • entertainment zones (club room, game console)

We turn every moment into beautiful memories. "Hen Party" package enriched with:

  • cold snacks for the evening
  • a board of quality cold cuts with additions: croutons, butter, beetroot, horseradish, mustard, homemade pickles

  • a board of soft and hard cheeses with additions: crackers, grissini sticks, fruit jam, fresh fruit

  • snack board: sliced vegetables, marinated dolmedes, homemade wraps, aromatic dips

Celebration of friendship, femininity and joy of life. "LUX Hen Party" package enriched with SPA treatments:

  • Blissful relaxation - a relaxing massage of the whole body, introducing you to a state of deep relaxation. The purpose of the massage is to restore internal balance, remove tensions from the body and regenerate vitality.

  • The beauty secret - intensive peeling, perfectly cleansing the skin of deep impurities, exfoliating dead, calloused epidermis from the entire body. After just one treatment, the skin becomes velvety smooth and perfectly cleansed.

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