LAS WODA Park Rekreacyjno-Biznesowy
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For family

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At any time of the year and in any weather, you will find many interesting ways to spend your time. Our youngest can take advantage of:
  • indoor and outdoor swimming pool
  • play room with a games console
  • animations depending on the schedule
  • swimming classes
  • playground
  • bicycles
  • foosball and table tennis
  • badminton and tennis
  • sleds in wintertime
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  • a special menu for children
  • baby chairs
  • coloring corner
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  • cot, changing table, milk warmer, baby bath
  • a set of bed linen for children
  • extra towel
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It guarantees great fun regardless of the weather. The little ones can use their inexhaustible energy in a place filled to the brim with toys, books, board games and joy.

For children, there is a dry pool with colorful balls, large foam blocks, a plastic corner, rocking horses, jumpers and a game console

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Dogs, cats and other pets can feel at home with us. We have prepared blankets and bowls for them available at the reception. There are 17 hectares of fenced forest waiting for them on site - a real paradise for spending time actively.

For the sake of our pets, we have developed rules for their stay with us.

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