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Our Chef

My name i Marcin Maksymów and I am a chef.

Cooking is my passion, it makes my life more beautiful.

Cooking and eating are a wonderful duet, which I gladly create both at work and in my private life.

I love food which is both elegant, modern and simple, but also goes back to its origins, it is a “Ratatouille” of sorts, which anyone can enjoy.

I am fascinated by Italian cuisine, its simplicity and countless delicious meals, that can be created from aromatic Mediterranean ingredients. I am also inspired by French cuisine, its sophistication and flavors. I also enjoy Polish cuisine, which I like to make sometimes traditionally, other times with a modern twist. Greek cuisine fascinates me with its freshness, Turkish – with its fiery notes, oriental cuisine… I could go on forever.

My 10-year professional experience and passion for discovering new dishes, make me confident with my cooking and allow me to create each menu with love, fully committed to excellence.  

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